Corporate Event Audiovisual Checklist | Part 4 of 4: Bringing All Your AV Needs Together

Part 4: Bringing all your AV Needs Together of the Corporate Event Audiovisual Checklist is the last step in creating a corporate event with the optimal AV program.

Be sure to complete Part 1: AV Planning Basics and Part 2: AV Logistics and Part 3: AV Boots on the Ground before you start Part 4.

Do you plan on holding REHEARSALS and/or SLIDE REVIEW for your corporate event?

Rehearsals provide an opportunity to practice presentations in front of a live audience or team members. This allows presenters to get comfortable on stage, with their material, and work out any kinks in their delivery. Rehearsing also helps to identify potential timing issues or logistical challenges that may arise during the actual event.

Do you need any sessions RECORDED for your event, and if so, how will you use the recordings?

Recording sessions at an event can be a great way to capture important information and make it available to a wider audience. Recording sessions can help extend the reach of your event and provide attendees with valuable resources they can refer back to later.

Do you have existing BRANDING/THEMING that needs to be carried through your corporate event?

Branding and theming are important aspects of any event, as they help create a cohesive and memorable experience for attendees. If you have existing branding or theming that you want to carry through your event, it's important to plan accordingly. A great AV and production partner can recommend lighting options, digital signage solutions, and customized set and scenic solutions to help your brand and messaging make a big impact.

Do you have INTERACTIVITY needs such as games, networking, Q&A, and event apps?

Interactivity is becoming an increasingly important aspect of events as attendees seek more engaging and immersive experiences. When planning an event, it's important to consider what types of interactivity will best suit your audience and event goals. Think about how attendees will ask questions and if there is a virtual component. How will virtual attendees submit their questions? Are you planning on conducting a poll of the audience, collecting session surveys, and adding an interactive game and leaderboard? If so, all of these are important to share with your Audiovisual event team to plan accordingly.

Will the event be LIVE STREAMED?

Live streaming is becoming an increasingly popular way to engage with audiences who are unable to attend in person. No matter what type of event you’re planning, live streaming can help you reach a wider audience and increase engagement.

Congratulations! You’ve completed all of the 4 Part Corporate Event Audiovisual Checklist. If you follow these checklists and answer each question, you are on your way to running a successful corporate event with the right audiovisual program. With this in place your attendees will remember your event fondly.

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