Corporate Event Audiovisual Checklist | Part 1 of 4: Planning the Basics

Welcome to our four-part Corporate Event Audiovisual Checklist. Part 1 covers planning the basics for your AV needs. To get started, there are 5 key areas. Our production team compiled a short four-part AV checklist to provide a starting point for your event planning. Together we can review your needs and goals to create an engaging and impactful event.

1. What are the GOALS/OBJECTIVES of your corporate event?

When planning an event, it's important to have clear goals and objectives stated on paper. These will guide all of the decisions you make as you plan and execute your event. Are you training new hires? Rewarding top sellers? Building relationships across geographic areas? Whatever your specific goals and objectives are for your event, it's important to keep them in mind throughout the planning process so that everything you and your event partners do is working towards achieving those goals.

2. Do you have an EVENT VISION?

Communicating a clear vision is essential. Your event vision should be the driving force behind every decision you make–from selecting the venue and choosing vendors to designing marketing materials and creating the guest experience.

3. What is the corporate EVENT FORMAT?

Will your event be live/in-person, virtual or hybrid? Each format has its own advantages and disadvantages depending on the goals of the event and the needs of the audience. Technology will continue to evolve. There are many ways to integrate audio and visual solutions in innovative ways to create an engaging experience for your audience's needs.

4. How many PARTICIPANTS do you expect?

The number of participants expected to attend an event can have a significant impact on room setup, audio requirements, viewing needs, and the overall success of the event. Keeping your AV production company informed of estimated guest counts is an essential step in the planning process to ensure the space, setup, and equipment are a perfect fit for the event.

5. How many PRESENTERS will you have?

The number of presenters at an event can vary widely depending on the type and size of the event, as well as the goals and objectives of the organizers. Some events may have a single keynote speaker, while others may feature dozens of presenters across multiple sessions. You should have an idea of how many presenters you will have so that the AV production team can give you accurate pricing and direction.

Now that you’ve completed Part 1: AV Planning the Basics of the Corporate Event Audiovisual Checklist. It’s time to move on to Part 2: AV Logistics.

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