The Importance of Virtual Event Support

Now more than ever, hosting virtual events is becoming the norm. For those planning on hosting a virtual event in the near future, it is important to retain proper event support services to ensure that things go right. Proper support for the next event could be the most important aspect. Here are a few reasons […]

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The 5 Best Reasons to Use Virtual Event Production Services

No matter the business, there is an inherent value to bringing people together to meet. Until recently, the vast majority of these events were held in person, complete with food and beverages. But recent events fostered the need for virtual event production services. Virtual events provide the flexibility of bringing people together from around the […]

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How to Choose the Right Virtual Events Platform

Though virtual events are certainly not new, they have become a focal point during recent years. As more and more people found themselves working from home, using virtual platforms became more crucial. With such importance behind finding the right platform, it’s critical that the right choice is made. Here are a few of the most […]

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Virtual Event Production Services: In-Person vs. Virtual Events

Whether the goal is to educate, debate, or celebrate, an event is a great way to bring people together for a shared purpose. Historically these have been done in person, but with the effects of the pandemic and the advancement of technology, virtual and hybrid events are becoming more and more common. Today, events can […]

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8 Benefits of Virtual Event Registration Software Integration

Whether an event is done live, virtually, or in some sort of hybrid platform, it is critical to set up event registration in a way that is convenient for guests while providing the information necessary for proper planning. While virtual event production companies do not typically offer virtual event registration software, they can provide integration […]

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Virtual Event Production: When to Hire an AV Production Company

One positive thing that has emerged from recent pandemic restrictions is the pivot towards virtual conferences that allow guests to participate from anywhere in the world. Even as pandemic restrictions are lifted, the trend towards more virtual conferences, meetings, seminars, awards shows, and other events continues. As event planners familiarize themselves with this new format, […]

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