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What Is a Hybrid Event?

Hybrid corporate events have taken off in the last couple of years due to many factors including health and safety, cost of travel, remote work, and sustainability. The way we engage with audiences has changed, and with that come new opportunities for how to host your next corporate event. Hybrid events combine the best of in-person and virtual attendance for participants. By adding a stream or broadcast to a live event, speakers can reach their audience that is physically present at the event venue, as well as a larger audience of viewers participating from remote locations, such as their office or home. By using effective audio and video solutions, event organizers can enhance those connections by adding Q&A sessions, polling, live chat, and other interactivity features to create added levels of engagement while being conscious of the environment and budget.

How Are Hybrid Events Sustainable?

Audience members and speakers have more flexibility now than they did before. For example, when traveling is not an option, event organizers can arrange for speakers to present from the comfort of their homes or office, reducing travel costs and travel time. The right virtual event partner can facilitate remote speaker setup, tech checks, and rehearsals to ensure your presenters are comfortable and prepared for their session. While at the live event venue, your audiovisual company can ensure connectivity to the stream, and your live event attendees have a high quality listening and viewing experience. Hybrid events can have the benefit of higher attendance and higher engagement levels, all while reducing carbon emissions.

Ready to Go Hybrid? What’s Next?

First, let’s start by keeping the audience in mind. A hybrid model is not recommended for every type of event. It’s important to consider the geography, your message, and your company's mission. Think about where your attendees may be traveling from. A hybrid option may alleviate extra travel time and expense if some are long distant attendees. Next, consider the type of information you plan on sharing with participants, like keynote presentations, live product demos, or workshop sessions that require audience participation. Interactive meetings and events, such as trainings and award shows are great options for a hybrid event. Interaction and two-way communication drive these events. Choose a live format for highly informative events with keynotes and minimal audience feedback. While most events can adopt a hybrid format, virtual attendees may feel less engaged with one-way information presentation. Keep the desired outcome in mind. A live format may be the better choice if the event requires hands-on learning, like sharing updated equipment features and being assessed on its proper use.

Planning a Hybrid Event

Now that we’ve established the audience is a good fit for a hybrid event, what else should you consider? How many people are you estimating live and virtually? If there will be two-way communication, it's crucial to provide both live and virtual attendees with equal opportunities to engage. This holds true even if the engagement methods appear different in each setting. For example, live attendees can ask questions in the room. Ensure there is also a way to gather questions from the virtual audience. Also, keep the agenda the same for all attendees. Having the same schedule is important for attendees to have the same experience. It is also easier to plan and track engagement activities when everyone is on the same schedule. Lastly, make accommodations for virtual breakout rooms if there are live breakout rooms, and be sure to include moderators for both groups. Don’t forget about your virtual audience when you are doing report backs or group discussions. Finally, ensure the technology you are using has an interface and capability for both audiences.


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