Virtual Event Production Services: In-Person vs. Virtual Events

Whether the goal is to educate, debate, or celebrate, an event is a great way to bring people together for a shared purpose. Historically these have been done in person, but with the effects of the pandemic and the advancement of technology, virtual and hybrid events are becoming more and more common. Today, events can be:

It can be difficult to know which format is best for an event, but planners will typically take into account the event size, budget, timeline, and location of attendees. 

In-Person vs. Virtual Event Production

There are key similarities and key differences between in-person and virtual event production.

Key similarities include:

Key differences include: 

Ultimately, it is important to recognize that it is impossible to virtually recreate an exceptional live event. Virtual events require different solutions and production services to achieve success.

Pre-Recorded vs. Live

If a virtual event ends up being the right format for a company, their next step is to figure out if the virtual event will include pre-recorded content, live streaming, or a mixture of both. The event planner should take some time to explore the pros and cons of pre-recording, as well as live virtual content.

Advantages of pre-recorded content include:

Disadvantages of pre-recorded content include: 

Advantages of live virtual events include:

Disadvantages of live virtual events include: 

Expert Virtual Services

Whether the event is completely in-person, virtual, or a hybrid with both in-person attendees and online attendees, it is likely to contain both pre-recorded and live elements. This requires careful planning, production, and support from an event production company.

Virtual event production services should be scalable and customizable to best fit a company’s specific needs.

Important services to look for from a virtual event producer include:

Comprehensive Planning

The virtual event producer should manage all key areas of an event including timelines, registration, virtual set design, analytics, platform selection, customization, interactivity features, and pre-event testing. Planning solutions should include:

    Robust and Secure Virtual Events Platforms

    The virtual event production company should guide clients through options and the selection of virtual services. This may include live Q&A, polling, chat, gamification, announcements, and more. They can also ensure that content delivery networks offer the highest quality and lowest delay video and audio delivery.

    A virtual event producer can also customize a broadcast package for each event to include only the virtual event services that will help meet event goals.

    Quality Production

    Virtual event producers can help clients shape an event for optimal results with high-quality production services. They will be able to offer guidance on the right audio, video, lighting, and staging equipment.

    Event Support

    Having onsite and online support available can help give event planners peace of mind knowing that hosts, moderators, viewers, and speakers can access a live person for help at any point during the event.

    It is clear that virtual events require different solutions than in-person events to achieve optimal success. The best way to ensure the success of a virtual event is to work with experts providing both in-person and virtual event production services. 

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