Virtual Event Production: When to Hire an AV Production Company

One positive thing that has emerged from recent pandemic restrictions is the pivot towards virtual conferences that allow guests to participate from anywhere in the world. Even as pandemic restrictions are lifted, the trend towards more virtual conferences, meetings, seminars, awards shows, and other events continues. As event planners familiarize themselves with this new format, there may be situations where it is best to hire a virtual event production company to ensure the success of the event.

Reasons to Opt for a Virtual Event

One of the most popular reasons for hosting a virtual or hybrid event is to allow anyone to attend from anywhere in the world. An organization can extend its reach by making it easy for potential audiences to connect without having to travel and show up in person.

Consider how these events could benefit from turning into virtual, global experiences: 

The Cost of Virtual Event Production

Just like with live events, the cost of putting together a virtual event can vary widely depending on how highly produced it is. While virtual events are often less expensive to produce when compared to live, in-person events, attendees still report getting a lot of value from them. 

There are plenty of situations where a virtual event platform could reduce expenses when it comes to renting a venue, securing transportation and lodging for speakers, and offering full food and beverage options. 

A few fees to consider when budgeting a virtual event include: 

Hybrid Events

There is still room for in-person events in 2023, but these may look more like hybrid events that blend virtual and in-person elements. Hybrid events may bring on a new set of challenges for production as they often require an on-site team and a virtual support team that can handle everything that is involved in putting on live events as well as virtual ones. Finding the right partner to help produce a hybrid event can make all the difference to the quality and success of your event. 

When to Hire a Virtual Event Production Company

If this is a company’s first time running a virtual/hybrid event, it is a good idea to hire an experienced production company. Even if an organization has run its own virtual event in the past, there are a few instances where they will want to seriously consider working with an experienced supplier, including:

A virtual AV production company can handle everything ranging from live or pre-recorded, one-way virtual events to huge broadcasts with multiple speakers, filming locations, and interactivity features.

Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Event Production Company 

Hosting a successful virtual event requires experience with event planning, creative design, AV media, and the event platform. A lot goes into the event and a lot can go wrong throughout the process. Working with a professional virtual production company offers the following benefits:

5 Solutions Offered by Production Companies

  1. Planning

A virtual event production company will handle the AV and production including timelines, registration, virtual set design, analytics, platform selection, customization, interactivity features, and pre-event testing.

  1. Platforms

The team will showcase various options for virtual services including live and moderated Q&A, polling, chat, gamification, and announcements. Trusted production companies only utilize robust and secure content delivery networks to ensure high-quality video and audio delivery.

  1. Streaming Platforms

The production company can customize any broadcast package to specific services whether it be streaming and filming only, hosting on a preferred platform, or providing full hosting, video, and support.

  1. Production

Virtual event producers can shape the event to deliver a clear message to the audience. They provide expert oversight, best practices, and guidance on the right audio, video, lighting, and remote studio staging equipment.

  1. Support

Virtual event producers are available onsite and online for any size production to ensure that hosts, moderators, viewers, and speakers have access to a live person for help when needed.

Choose a Trusted Virtual Event Production Company

A well-executed virtual event that keeps attendees connected and engaged is sure to grow any business. Corporate Events Inc. (CEI) is a virtual event production company that offers more than 20 years of experience in professional audio-visual production for the healthcare, financial, technology, and sports industries. 

 Corporate Events Inc. offers a highly-experienced studio crew, state-of-the-art live-streaming studios, and cutting-edge equipment and technology. CEI studios can run 24/7 across any time zone for global virtual events and can receive remote presenters from anywhere in the world. 

Services offered by CEI include:

Contact CEI to integrate virtual solutions into any event. 

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