8 Benefits of Virtual Event Registration Software Integration

Whether an event is done live, virtually, or in some sort of hybrid platform, it is critical to set up event registration in a way that is convenient for guests while providing the information necessary for proper planning. While virtual event production companies do not typically offer virtual event registration software, they can provide integration through their client’s attendee management tool.

Utilizing registration software can eliminate stress from event planning and help improve the overall quality and organization of an event. Here are 8 of the biggest advantages of using virtual event registration management software as well as how an AV event producer can help with the data from this software to customize the attendee experience.

1. Better Planning for Virtual Events

Event registration software is the ultimate planning tool as it collects and compiles logistics data so event planners can properly coordinate based on how many online and in-person attendees there will be. 

2. Better Insight Into the Audience

Event registration software provides valuable information about attendees that can help a business learn more about attendees, turning them into satisfied customers and repeat buyers. For example, event planners can keep track of the most loyal ticket buyers by seeing how many buy tickets to multiple events.

3. Gather Data to Measure Success

Event registration software also offers insightful data about the actual event to help a company determine how successful it was by certain measures. This could include which discount codes were used, which event dates and times were more popular, what type of tickets sold the best, and additional detailed reporting data.

4. Automatic Email Confirmation

One big benefit of virtual registration software is that attendees will receive immediate confirmation emails and receipts after signing up to ensure they will be able to access the event. 

5. Convenient Online Payment Options 

Online registration systems allow attendees to choose a payment option that works for them. The software also makes it easier to reconcile payments and store important payment information in one safe place. Having participants pay online months before the actual virtual event also means that those funds can be directed toward the event costs.

6. Communication with Registrants

The data gathered from online registration software can be used to communicate important information with the attendees weeks, days, and hours before the event begins. Any last-minute changes and cancellations can be sent through bulk emails and SMS to ensure that attendees are kept in the loop. Communication can continue after the event as attendees are sent surveys and promotional information for future events.

7. Eco-Friendly Alternative

Utilizing event registration software is an eco-friendly alternative to in-person registration or even sending out paper registrations and printed tickets in the mail. It also saves money that would be incurred from printing invitations.

8. Help Planning the Next Event

Beyond measuring the success of an event, event registration software is also valuable for improving upon future events. The software allows users to review event data to see what worked and what did not. Businesses will also have a way to communicate with their existing audience to increase registration for future events.

Choosing Virtual Event Registration Management Software

When choosing the right registration management software, event planners should take the following into account:

How Virtual Event Producers Can Integrate Registration Software

Simply buying the right event registration software doesn't ensure the success of an event. It requires proper integration into all other aspects of virtual event planning. 

A virtual event producer can work with attendee data through: 

They can then use this information to customize groups or audiences, tracks, sessions, push notifications, agendas, content, and more within the virtual event app/broadcast platform.

Benefits of Professional Virtual Event Production Services

Some of the biggest benefits of hiring a professional team for virtual event production services on top of purchasing event registration management software includes:

Choose a team with production experience to help design, deliver and support an incredible virtual or hybrid event.

Hire Corporate Events Inc. for Your Next Virtual Event 

Corporate Events. Inc. (CEI) offers scalable and customizable services for virtual and hybrid events that are live or pre-recorded as well as broadcasts with multiple speakers, filming locations, and interactivity features. These event professionals will work with a company from the beginning to the end of the virtual or hybrid event.
The right virtual event management registration software, along with trusted virtual event production services and support, is the recipe for a successful event. It keeps attendees connected and engaged for the duration of the program. Contact CEI for reliable virtual and hybrid production services.

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