Corporate Event Audio Visual Checklist | Part 2 of 4: AV Logistics

Congratulation! You have arrived at Part 2: AV Logistics | Did you miss Part 1?: Planning Basics

In order to have a successful event, we recommend reviewing our 4-part checklist (we can include a link to our blog page) prior to choosing your corporate event AV partner. Our Corporate Event Audio Visual Checklist was created from our expert producers and technician team to ensure you ask the right questions and have the right AV requirements covered by your AV partner. Part 2: Logistics of the Corporate Event Audio Visual Checklist will help keep you organized with the details the Audio Visual team needs to put your event together.

Do you have an AGENDA or SCHEDULE OF EVENTS available?

Having a draft agenda or schedule of events is crucial for your AV and production team to align the equipment and technical support for your event. This should include details such as the start and end times for each session or activity, the topics or themes that will be covered, names of presenters, and information about any breaks or networking activities. You don’t have to have a full agenda to get started, but an outline of major activities will give overall planning a stronger start.

What types of Corporate SESSIONS are planned?

Does your event include panel discussions, keynote presentations, interactive workshops, or exhibit areas? The type of sessions that make up your event affect the AV equipment you may need to run the activities, so be sure to share this with your AV production team. An experienced AV production team will ensure your attendees have an optimal listening and viewing experience.

What kind of CONTENT are you sharing on screen?

When selecting the content for your presentation, it's important to consider what will be most engaging and impactful for your audience. Working with the right AV production partner can show you the options available to make sure your messages are seen and heard, whether they’re Powerpoint slides, videos, or even a live stream.

Is your VENUE confirmed?

One of the most important decisions when planning an event is selecting the right venue. It's essential to ensure that the venue suits your needs and budget and that you understand potential cost implications. If you don’t already have a venue confirmed, don’t worry. This is one of the many things an experienced AV production company can help you with. They can provide you with insights and recommendations, as well as help you review space and layout options before you sign your contract.

Do your event rooms have BUILT IN setup/equipment for your corporate event?

When planning an event, it's important to consider whether your chosen venue has the necessary equipment and setup to meet your needs. Built-in setups and equipment can be a huge advantage when planning an event, saving time, effort, and money. For example, if you're hosting a conference or seminar, having built-in projectors and screens in each room can eliminate the need for renting additional equipment or setting up temporary systems.

You’ve completed Part 1 and Part 2 of the Corporate Event Audio Visual Checklist. The next checklist is Part 3: Boots on the Ground.

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