Working Toward a More Sustainable Event

Sustainable Audiovisual: It's Taking Our Future Seriously.

With an increased focus on reducing waste and emissions, event planners are looking for ways to reduce their impact on the environment. At CEI, we take a local approach to global events and find sustainable solutions specific to YOUR PROJECT, YOUR VISION, and YOUR AUDIENCE.

By adopting sustainable practices, the industry is not only helping to protect the planet but also setting an example for others to follow.

Here Are 6 Sustainable Audiovisual Solutions For Your Event

Minimize paper usage

By opting for digital signage, you can minimize paper usage. Digital banners offer more versatility than traditional printed banners. A digital backdrop can easily be changed and customized, providing a dynamic and engaging experience for the audience.

Use digital renderings

By using digital renderings, virtual tours, videos, and photos, you can get an idea of the space without having to make multiple trips to the venue. Reduce travel time and resources by reducing the need for multiple site visits.

Rent furniture

Renting furniture and props is a great way to transform a space. Think about this? What are the long-term impacts? The life of the product? How is storage, transport, and emissions if you plan on purchasing an item instead of renting.

Utilize monitors, iPads, and QR codes

Create areas of engagement that move beyond poster halls, pop-up displays, and takeaway materials. Using monitors, iPads, and QR codes is a great way to share information, showcase your brand, and promote interactivity.

Use LED lighting

LED lighting is the most energy-efficient, environmentally friendly form of illumination. By using LEDs, versatility and creativity in event design allow for customization of different looks and atmospheres. These all tie into branding and theming, all while consuming less energy than conventional lighting.

Use an onsite event app

Using an onsite event app and cutting down the use of printed materials is a great idea. Leverage the tool for sharing handouts and incorporate audience engagement features (Q&A, polling, chat), and live streaming to increase your reach.

From utilizing local crew to sourcing energy-efficient solutions, we partner with you to deliver an outstanding experience. A dedicated production lead will ensure regional events are successful and consistent.

Sustainable Audiovisual Recap

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