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In the corporate AV industry, technology is crucial for delivering top-notch productions to our clients. Our team of AV experts prioritizes the careful selection and usage of the best equipment for the event, ensuring optimal performance. Embracing an innovative "try first" approach, we meticulously assess equipment to guarantee seamless AV solutions for each production.

Dive into a recent discussion where one of our experts shared insights on the Roland VR-120HD, a direct streaming AV mixer.


What is a Roland VR-120 HD?

The Roland VR-120HD is an innovative device that helps you mix audio and video from different sources, like HDMI and USB. You can also stream your content directly over the internet. It's easy to use and doesn't require extra equipment or additional techs to operate.


What solutions does this equipment offer?

This innovative piece of equipment offers multiple solutions across varying event platforms, such as live, hybrid, and virtual. It allows for screen switching in breakout rooms with audio, stream switching for hybrid events, and managing one screen. As well as a one Downstage Monitor (DSM) with a mixed stream. You can also control two screen feeds and one DSM feed and integrate two outer screens, one center screen, and one DSM all from a single box. It provides flexibility across all rooms and supports clients in connecting their audio via Bluetooth. Additionally, it comes with built-in still images for logos and standard audio files like VOGs, Take Your Seats, Time Reminders, Silence Cell Phones, etc. Plus, it enables control over PTZ cameras, reducing gear and offering direct control for smoother, innovative productions.


How can this technology enhance the AV and production experience for our clients?

The Roland VR-120HD provides agile technology for our clients' needs. If the event requires a switch to a hybrid event, they won't require any additional equipment. It offers the flexibility to provide innovative solutions to impromptu changes and pop-up needs efficiently with just one item on-site.


In what ways is this a game changer in AV production technology?

This innovative device is a game changer because it enables seamless transitions from regular shows to hybrid events with just a few button presses. It enables our expert team to be even more adaptable at handling impromptu requests and offer solutions to meet diverse needs quickly and efficiently. With features like enhanced breakout rooms, presenter music playback, customizable video routing, and PTZ camera control, it transforms standard setups into dynamic experiences. Its plug-and-play functionality ensures rapid setup for on-site changes, making event productions smoother and more responsive.


Partnering with an expert AV production team that is innovative and embraces new technology is essential for ensuring a smooth and stress-free event. By utilizing cutting-edge tools like the Roland VR-120HD, producers can deliver exceptional audiovisual experiences that elevate the overall event quality. This innovative piece of technology offers multiple solutions for clients. The Roland VR 120-HD ranges from screen switching in breakout rooms to stream switching for hybrid events. As a result, the producer has seamless flexibility and control. With its ability to easily integrate audio and video sources and manage various display configurations, the Roland VR-120HD simplifies corporate events and enhances the attendee experience.


Ultimately, working with an expert AV production team that leverages innovative, advanced technology ensures that every aspect of the event is executed flawlessly, leaving a lasting impression on attendees and stakeholders alike.

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