Maximizing Impact: Strategies for Crafting Unforgettable Corporate Events

  IMPACT: noun: the force of impression of one thing on another: a significant or primary effect.  Understanding the Essence of Impact Strategies: Corporate events play a significant role within organizations, each with its purpose and objectives. Whether building relationships, promoting your brand, driving sales, or educating a team, events strive to make an impact. […]

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Seasonality Attendance: Making the Most of Hybrid Corporate Events

Planning a corporate event can be tricky, especially when dealing with seasonal and attendance ups and downs. But there's a smart solution that can help: hybrid events. This is where a hybrid event production company comes in handy. At Corporate Events Inc. our team is prepared with solutions to guarantee a fantastic experience for your […]

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Through the Expert AV Lens

In the corporate AV industry, technology is crucial for delivering top-notch productions to our clients. Our team of AV experts prioritizes the careful selection and usage of the best equipment for the event, ensuring optimal performance. Embracing an innovative "try first" approach, we meticulously assess equipment to guarantee seamless AV solutions for each production. Dive […]

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AV Partnerships: Why Safety Should Be a Priority During Corporate Events

In the world of corporate events, prioritizing safety and fostering respectful partnerships takes center stage. Selecting the right AV partner becomes crucial, as it involves ensuring a harmonious blend of cutting-edge technology and values aligned with your organization's principles. In this blog, we delve into the key considerations to guarantee you've chosen the ideal AV […]

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Hidden Costs: Expenses of Producing a Corporate Event

Corporate events are often celebrated for their potential to boost a company's brand image, foster meaningful connections, and drive business growth. However, behind the scenes, there exists a complex web of expenses and fees that event organizers must navigate. We'll unveil the "hidden costs" of corporate event production, exposing often overlooked financial intricacies.   Venue […]

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AV Regrets - 10 Critical Questions to Ask Your AV Provider

Choosing the right AV partner for your corporate event is a decision that can significantly impact its success;  you don't regret your choice after it's too late. To ensure you make an informed decision and choose an audiovisual partner that aligns with your corporate event goals and expectations, you need to ask the right questions. […]

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Corporate Event Audiovisual Checklist | Part 4 of 4: Bringing All Your AV Needs Together

Part 4: Bringing all your AV Needs Together of the Corporate Event Audiovisual Checklist is the last step in creating a corporate event with the optimal AV program. Be sure to complete Part 1: AV Planning Basics and Part 2: AV Logistics and Part 3: AV Boots on the Ground before you start Part 4. […]

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Corporate Event Audiovisual Checklist | Part 3 of 4: AV Boots on the Ground

Part 3: AV Boots on the Ground The Corporate Event Audiovisual Checklist contains the questions to ensure attendees have a seamless experience at your corporate event. With Part 1: AV Planning Basics and Part 2: AV Logistics completed, you are ready to think about your support team and customize the space that attendees will be […]

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Corporate Event Audiovisual Checklist | Part 2 of 4: AV Logistics

Congratulations, you have arrived at Part 2: AV Logistics Did you miss Part 1?: Planning Basics In order to have a successful event, we recommend reviewing our 4-part audiovisual checklist before choosing your corporate event AV partner. Our expert producers and technician team created our Corporate Event Audiovisual Checklist to ensure you ask the right […]

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Corporate Event Audiovisual Checklist | Part 1 of 4: Planning the Basics

Welcome to our four-part Corporate Event Audiovisual Checklist. Part 1 covers planning the basics for your AV needs. To get started, there are 5 key areas. Our production team compiled a short four-part AV checklist to provide a starting point for your event planning. Together we can review your needs and goals to create an […]

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