How to Choose the Right Virtual Events Platform

Though virtual events are certainly not new, they have become a focal point during recent years. As more and more people found themselves working from home, using virtual platforms became more crucial.

With such importance behind finding the right platform, it’s critical that the right choice is made. Here are a few of the most important things to consider when looking for virtual event production services and the proper platform.

The Importance of Finding the Right Platform

Why is it so important to choose the right virtual events platform? When executed properly, virtual event production can provide a litany of benefits. The most prevalent is gathering professionals from across the globe in one convenient place, virtually.

No matter the company or industry, it is possible to reach a global audience in a more sustainable way through virtual event production services. With the right virtual event registration management, it is possible to know for certain who is attending and where they are attending from.

Consider the platform as a means to streamline the entire event. A smooth event will likely be a hit, bringing back an audience in greater numbers by the time the next event rolls around.

Choosing the Right Platform

There are a few basic features to consider when choosing a virtual events platform. Things like a friendly user interface, scalability, and level of customization can all play a large role in the quality of events going forward.


The needs of an event can change. Whether there is a need to scale up or down, the right platform should be able to accommodate it. Maybe the first event only needed to accommodate a few dozen viewers, but the next go-round will require the need to account for hundreds. 

Having a scalable platform means saving time that would have otherwise been spent transferring materials and migrating to another platform. There is also the matter of considering multi-speaker sessions, allowing several users to interact at once without having a major impact on performance.

Whether it be for a smaller scale of activities or a larger event, it is important that the platform chosen will be able to handle it all. 

User-Friendly Navigation

Having the ability to scale up or down is fine, but none of that matters if the interface is difficult to navigate. Any virtual event attendee will become frustrated if the user interface isn’t easy to use and likely won’t hang around or attend future events.

Having user-friendly navigation does not just apply to other users. Event hosts need to be able to handle the setup of the event, register users, and follow along with the overall performance of the event itself.

A quality platform should have a user-friendly interface, the kind that can allow anyone to navigate quickly between rooms and any accompanying materials. For more inclusive events, check if your platform offers keyboard navigation or close captioning.

A virtual events platform should be the kind of software that allows for gaining greater control over the vision of the event. 

Superior Customization

The best virtual event platform should allow for tailoring the entire experience for personalization. Moreover, greater customization allows attendees to know that they have shown up to the right event, like a specific trade show, for example.

Any platform worth considering should have a suite of customization features, allowing customers to apply brand messaging and identity, and use the other customizable features that can improve the event exponentially. Custom emails, landing pages, online rooms, and more can allow the event to feel truly unique.

More importantly, whatever virtual event software is chosen should be flexible. It should be able to provide adaptation for calendars, meetings, agendas, controlling access to rooms and content, and so much more. 

Customization can also allow for potential monetization of the event. With physical events, this would be done through branded swag, banners, leaflets, and more. Through the online experience, brands can engage sponsors and attendees with online ads, educational sessions, and access to exclusive, on-demand content. The possibilities are endless when the platform chosen offers the right amount of customization.

Recording the Event

Consider recording your next event. Whether you plan to analyze it for future events, download, and share, or use it as a promotion for future events, the right virtual event platform should feature the potential to record.

A recorded video of the event can be great for attendees who may have wanted to participate but could not fit it into their schedules. Instead of making them miss out on the event, it allows them to gain the full experience through shared, downloadable links.

Sharing the recording of the event is a fantastic way to expand the reach and visibility of the event. It also encourages those who didn't attend live to attend virtually.

The capability to record can be used during the live event. Pre-recorded content can be split in during live streaming, allowing for more organized, streamlined content. Perhaps during live streaming, speakers and attendees can see the answering of questions or interactions with audience members, while pre-recorded bits can be more informative and refined.

Find the Right Platform

No matter what type of event there is to host, having an effective virtual events platform can be a game changer. With the capability of closing distance and creating connectivity across the globe. It can play a role in increasing eCommerce, optimizing websites, improving traffic growth, and more.

There are many options out there to consider when looking for the right virtual platform. With the right help, you can have peace of mind. Knowing that the next event, and all those to come after, will go off as planned.

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